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I love a beauty hack, anything that makes things quicker, easier or look amazing , I’ll definitely add them to my routine. I am going to share with you the hacks I’ve found to be the most helpful!

  1. Apply coconut oil to eye lashes before bed time. This nourishes and conditions lashes..which makes them stronger, this can only mean one thing, less fall outs!! I have done this for so long, and my eye lashes have never looked better. I often get compliments on how long and thick they look. I have such passion for coconut oil I have done a full post on it here with some more tips.
  2. Baby Powder. This stuff is not just for babies. Do you ever find using dry shampoo can make your hair feel heavy, weighed down or knotty? Do you even get that dreaded white mask left? Unfortunately I find those things happen to me with dry shampoo, I’m jealous of all the people who rave about it. So, instead I apply baby powder to my roots and dust some over my pillow case before I go to bed, when my hairs feeling a bit oily but not enough for a wash. The baby powder soaks up the oils in the night and its easily brushed out in the morning. It leaves no white mask in the hair! This is a winner for me.
  3. How to make your lipstick last longer – this is must have for me because I wear lipstick everyday so if it can last longer between applications, I’m game. Apply lip balm, rub it in until lips feel moisturised and plumped, then apply lipstick, take some tissue paper ( pull the 2 sheets apart so you just have one ) and then brush loose translucent powder lightly over the tissue! This helps my lipstick look fresher for longer!
  4. No time for the hair dressers but split ends are slightly out of control? You can sort this at home!! Part your dry hair into small sections, take one of the sections and twist, snip the hair that’s poking out, keep going until you have covered each section. Also you can wrap small sections around 2 fingers, hold in place and snip off the hair that’s poking out. This helps hair to look healthier and less straggly.
  5. Do you have any eye shadows that lack pigmentation? I find using a damp eye shadow brush helps make the colour pop a lot more, also applying with your fingers helps colours apply brighter.
  6. I love having volume in my hair so this next hack I swear by. Tie your hair up into a high pony tail, I don’t secure it though, I just hold it in my hand, twist the pony tail and then twirl into a bun and secure with a band, make sure it’s not too tight, pull the bun out slightly. This works best before bed, when you wake up in the morning take it out, the roots have volume and you will see lovely loose waves. Apply some oil to the ends and add a spritz of hair spray, play about with it, twist and twirl it if you want! I do this nearly every single night.
  7. Get yourself a spoolie brush. There’s a few uses to these brushes that make life easier. If your lips are dry, apply lip balm to the spoolie and then scrub your lips with it, this helps work off all the dry skin! They are also great for blending eyebrow powder, or brow pencils into eyebrows.
  8. How to make your foundation last longer? Spray ‘fixing spray’ ( any brand of choice ) on beauty blender, foundation brush, buffing brush, which ever tool you use to apply foundation. This helps foundation apply flawlessly and adds staying power. If you want your make up to last even longer, after doing this spray entire face with fixing spray and then push into the skin with a beauty blender.
  9. Apply foundation before concealer. I find if I apply foundation first, I end up using less concealer which is only a good thing.
  10. Last but not least….If you want to curl your hair using heat, never ever forget to apply heat protection and stop the curl before you get to ends. I normally hold the ends of my hair with the hand I wrap the hair around the wand with, this stops direct heat touching your ends and will prevent them looking frazzled from heat. Curls also look great.


Who else has some beauty hacks they want to share?


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