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Sick and tired of getting spots? They take over our teenage years, and they haunt us through adult life. They make you feel unattractive and really self-conscious. What can we do to stop them making us feel like this? Spots can appear for so many reasons, diet, stress, menstruation, make up….we cant hide from them but we can do things that help prevent outbreaks.

For starters we need to find out what is causing the spots. Are we removing our make up properly? Are we eating too much junk food? Are we drinking enough water? Are we washing our make up brushes regularly? Click here for some skin care tips.

Recently I had an outbreak, so I went out to see what products could help me get rid of them and it was really an excuse to buy something I haven’t tried before. I was looking around Superdrug and I came across a brand called Witch ‘Naturally Clear’ . The products contain witch hazel which is known for treating spots and they where on special offer so it seemed the obvious choice!

I purchased 3 products.


Blemish Stick

This seemed like to be a really good product I could carry round in my handbag for any pesky spots that needed help during the day. As soon as I got home I opened this and applied it to my spots. It made the skin around the spot feel cool and fresh. After around 4 hours, the redness of my spots had reduced. The product claims to fight bacteria that cause spots so I think it would work even better if you apply it as soon as you see a spot forming. I continued to use this over a few days and I must admit I was impressed. It definitely reduced redness, it didn’t make my skin oily, and I found covering the spots with concealer a lot easier as they were not so red.


Daily 2 in 1 Primer and Clearing Serum

So, this claims to even out your skin tone, help hold make up in place and works to prevent new spots. I have used this now for 2 weeks. I’ve had no new outbreaks, touch wood. My skin feels hydrated and soft when I apply this, its non greasy which I love. It sinks into the skin quickly. One pump covers the entire face. It feels really light underneath my make up, and it does last just as long as when I use other primers!! I have not noticed it’s helped to even out my skin tone but I’m pretty happy with no new outbreaks and soft hydrated skin.


Overnight Clearing Serum

This product is designed to help visibly reduce blemishes and spots. Its oil free so its non greasy, and suitable for sensitive skin. I have applied this every night before bed, it’s very lightweight, my skin feels clean and hydrated which is really nice before going to sleep. It works its magic overnight, and it does work! I found with my recent breakout after using this, in the morning the spots become less angry and this product seems to help them come to the surface quicker. So I would recommend this for deep spots that are under the skin. The worst kind in my opinion! My skin also still feels hydrated when I wake up.

I will 100% be re-purchasing these products when I have run out. They are so affordable and there wasn’t anything about the products I didn’t like.

Has anyone else tried these products?

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