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Lip Kits are all over social media, everyone everywhere is talking about them. I’m not a huge fan of liquid lipsticks, I do love how they look but they are a nightmare to remove and fade unevenly, in my experience anyway. I saw Barry M had released the matte me up lip kits for only £6.99! I picked up the shade ‘Go To’ which is a nude.

What does a lip kit contain?

In this lip kit you get a liquid lipstick and a pencil lip liner to match!

How to apply…

‘Outline your pout for ultimate definition with the smooth, highly pigmented liner. Then fill in your colour with Matte Me Up Liquid Lip Paint’

My Thoughts…

It is easy to apply, the formula is creamy and glides nicely on the lips. However when its dry, it makes my lips look cracked – only when close up, it looks amazing from a distance. The paint dries completely matte.

barry m go to

I absolutely love this colour, it has undertones of brown and pink and makes a lovely nude. The lip paint has lasting power, it’s not going to budge unless you scrub it off. It faded okay throughout the day, it went from the middle of my lips first and left me with an outline around the lips.

I could feel the product on the lips, it’s not the most comfortable formula to wear but it didn’t annoy me too much. It was more comfortable to wear if I applied loads of lip balm before hand.

barry m go to

Going on to the lip liner. I am disappointed with the lip liner, purely because the shade doesn’t match the lip paint, it’s so much darker, which you don’t notice before applying it! I don’t like them paired together on the lips, as the liner looks obviously darker, even after its dried on the lips. I was hoping they would dry to the same colour. The lip paint is absolutely fine with out a liner though. I will use the liner with other lipsticks as the formula is smooth and pigmentation is very good.

barry m lip liner go to

This isn’t one of my new favourite products but the paint is a gorgeous shade and the liner will be great with lipsticks I already own, just a shame they don’t work together.

Who else has this lip kit and what do you think?







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