Where do I start with coconut oil. Well this have been a life saver for me, I started using this when I was noticing my hair getting dry and brittle from heat and product damage. So I did some research on YouTube to see if it actually improves quality of the hair, all I can say is go and get yourself some raw coconut oil, immediately. I purchased mine from amazon but you can pick it up in Boots or any supermarket, it really doesn’t matter what brand!

So, your wondering what I do with it? Its as easy as this;

Scoop a generous amount of the coconut oil in your hands – (in the hot temperature its a liquid, and when its cooler its a paste) . Brush your hair so there are no knots, and then take a section, starting from the roots and work the oil all the way through the section, do this until all hair is covered. Put your hair up into a loose bun, not too tight because what your going to do now, is go to sleep, so I recommend doing this before bed. Maybe put a towel down on your pillow, or use an old pillow case to stop your pillow getting oily. When you wake up, get yourself in the shower and lather your hair with shampoo, personally I shampoo it twice to make sure no oil left on the hair. I would skip the conditioner when washing it out. When your hair is dry, it will silky soft and much easier to manage. I don’t do this all the time, I would say every 2 weeks works well for me, but if your hair is extremely dry, once a week would work better.

If my hair is lacking life,doesn’t sit right, or is just generally urgh, I take a teeny tiny drop of the Body Shop coconut oil onto my hands and rub into only the ends of my hair, it just gives makes it look more alive and takes the dryness away.

There’s more, coconut oil really is a game changer. Every night before bed, I take the raw coconut oil onto my finger and apply to my lash line, and over time my eyelashes really have become stronger and fall out less. So its amazing for an eyelash conditioner, and best of all its so cheap! I haven’t tried this yet, but I will be applying to my eyebrows every night as I have read some other beauty blogs which recommends this if you want your eyebrows to grow quicker. I will let you all know how this goes!

The next thing I use it for – the bath, yes you read that right. If you want super soft skin, that feels silky, hydrated, smooth then pour a tablespoon into your bath twice a week. This is also a really good tip for the fake tan addicts out there, I always do this the day before I want to fake tan. It leaves the skin hydrated and it helps lock the tan in the skin for longer.

The benefits of this beauty product is never ending, its a perfect lip balm for chapped lips and it makes your lips smooth very quickly. It can be used for acne prone skin, if you use it to wash your face at night, it can reduce the appearance of spots over time, but it doesn’t stop new spots forming.

This is what I personally use coconut oil for, but my friend suggested using instead of butter and she swears that it tastes amazing on toast with nutella chocolate spread! So give this a try aswell 🙂

Who has some more uses and tips for coconut oil?



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