Dreaming of clearer skin? Want to look better with no make up? Then remember your skin craves attention and it needs looking after like it’s your finest china!

5 Top Tips for Keeping Skin as Clear as it Can be!

  • Always take your make up off before bed so all the dirt and dead skin cells have been removed. If you sleep in your make up you’re risking clogging pores and creating more breakouts. It can also make your skin look dull, Who wants that ? Not me. Using make up wipes are fine for a quick make up remove but to make sure your skin is totally squeaky clean, use one you’re favourite cleansers.
  • Cleanse, cleanse cleanse. I don’t think I need to say anymore? Your skin needs to be ready, clean and fresh. There are many different cleansers available so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be using one.
  • Exfoliate your skin once a week, this helps reduce blackheads, yay! Make sure you use a scrub that is for the face, don’t use your body scrub as they are too harsh for your precious face.
  • Moisturise your skin every single day! I do it morning and night but find a balanced regime that works for you. If you have oily skin, you might be scared to add even more moisture to it, but there are so many out there that will actually help reduce oily skin. Dry skin? Find one that’s suitable for your skin type as using one for oily skin, isn’t going to do you any favours. Take time to look around your favourite skin care brands and pick the right one for you, ask the Beauty Assistants if you’re not sure, they can advise you on products that are suitable.
  • Micellar Water. It’s not a toner or a cleanser. Well what is it ? It’s a skin care product that removes make up, gunk, dirt, and whatever else from the outside world has attached itself to your face. There is a lot of choice but I think they are all the same, I suggest getting one that’s best value for money. I use it and I love it.

This is all I do with my skin, there people who do a lot more but I am a bit lazy and this works enough for me to see a different in my skins appearance.

So, lets talk about some of the skin care products I use! Hopefully you can get an idea of what to purchase or it will inspire you to make a difference to your skin.


So what does it claim to do?

Neutrogena® Visiblyso Clear® Pink Grapefruit Cream Wash 150ml

“Enriched with powerful MicroClear® technology, the gentle cream wash cleanses deeply, removing dirt, oil and impurities to help prevent spots and blackheads.
With its creamy texture it purifies the skin without overdrying, while a wave of pink grapefruit uplifts the senses with a burst of invigorating freshness. Dermatologically tested and suitable for even sensitive skin”

I use this every day, day and night. I just wet my face and apply it on my fingers and massage it into the skin and then wash it off with a flannel. It has a really light smell of grapefruit which isn’t overpowering. It’s a thick formula so you don’t need to use much which is great because it lasts ages, I usually get through one bottle in a month or so. It definitely cleans the skin well, I feel like my skin is fresh and soft afterwards. I didn’t notice a huge difference with blackheads straight away but after continuous use, it has managed to keep my skin clearer than usual so I can’t complain about that. It’s 100% a product that I re-purchase. I got this from Boots, but I’m sure you can buy it from any drugstore.


What does it claim to do?

Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist – The Body Shop

“Our facial mist with rosewater instantly refreshes and helps to boost hydration on skin, and set make-up. A great skincare product for an instant ‘pick-me up’. Formulated with protective vitamin E and moisturising wheatgerm oil. Use as part of your personalised skincare programme.
Suitable for all skin types
With vitamin E
With hydrating, refreshing rosewater
Instant moisture boost
Fast-drying formula
With Community Trade soya oil from Brazil
Facial mist”

I don’t use this all the time, but when I do I remember why. When I am hot and bothered, or had a busy day, I just spray this over my face and it wakes me up and makes me feel like I’ve just washed my face, so it’s great for a quick moisture boost, like it claims to be.  The other reason I got this is because it claimed to set make up. Which luckily it does, when I find my concealer is creasing under my eyes, I spray this onto my Beauty blender and dab it into my under eye, it really helps it to set and stop creasing.  And even better, it contains Vitamin E which is really good for your skin.


What does it claim to do?

No7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask

“Give skin an intense moisture boost.Treat your skin to a little luxury with this delicately soft hydration mask to leave your skin feeling beautifully soft and smooth.
Created to help your dry skin behave like normal skin and provide tailored skin nutrition for healthy looking, bright and beautiful skin”

As you can see, I don’t use this much as the bottle is nearly still full! My skin isn’t very dry in the summer so I use this in winter. You can leave it on your face for 3 minutes for a quick mask or 10 minutes for a deeper hydration. It works really well if your skin is extremely dry and it does give it a little perk. I would suggest avoiding this though if you have oily skin.


What does it claim to do?

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Micellar Cleansing Water is an easy way to remove make-up, cleanse and purify all areas of your face, including eyes and lips in 1 step without rinsing.

I cannot stress enough how much I love this and can’t believe I ever lived without it. It really does remove every bit of make up from your face, the first time I used it I was amazed by how dirty the cotton pad was. For so long I thought my make up was removed properly until this product showed me I was wrong. You can also get this for all different skin types and it there is a lot of choice out there. I choose to buy Garnier because I’m familiar with the brand and I have used products previously and have always like them. I buy mine from Boots.

image What does it claim to do ?

Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet

“This refreshing and mattifying facial moisturiser with aquasphere technology, drenches skin with moisture for all day hydration. Leaving the skin feeling cooler and softer. Now formulated with plumping hyaluronic acid, wheatgerm oil and vitamin E. Use as part of your personalised skincare programme.
Suitable for all skin types
With vitamin E
Improved formula, biofermented hyaluronic acid from Pomacle, France
With Community Trade soya oil from Brazil
With aquasphere technology
Facial moisturiser
24h hydration
Mattifying finish
Cooling formula “

Yes, I love the Body Shop! This little beauty was made for me. If you have combination/oily skin you will absolutely love this. It works even better if you keep it in fridge, it feels amazing on your skin if you do this. The thing that attracted me to this, was that it hydrates which is really important as make ups can strip natural oils from your face but it a mattifying finish. It’s not greasy, it sinks into the skin within a minute, it’s not thick or too thin. I’ve had it for 2 months and I’m only half way through it and I use every single day. Winning!


What does it claim to do?

Loreal Purity Clay Mask

“Purity Mask Enriched with Eucalyptus extract, known for its purifying properties.

The creamy texture works deep into the pores, leaving skin purified and matte-looking, without drying it out.

Smooth the face mask onto your skin and let it work deep into your pores, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised.”

This clay comes in 3 different formulas, purify, detox and glow. I got this from Boots and they had these tester cards that you placed on your chin, nose and forehead to determine which clay you needed, how awesome is that? It does say on the packaging that with continuous use its gets better and better. After I use this, no oil comes through on my skin so it really does mattify, so it’s amazing if you want that. It’s the only clay I’ve used so I don’t have much to compare it too but it’s easy to apply and really easy to wash off. And it certainly does what it says it will.


What does it claim?

The Body Shop – Skin Defence

“From the effects of the sun to the environment we live in – we’re constantly facing daily aggressors that can damage our skin. Introducing NEW Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF 50 PA++++, our strongest multi-protection to help protect your skin day after day.

A feather light, milk-to-water essence with broad spectrum UV filters, brightening red algae and antioxidant Vitamin C, to help protect skin against multiple skin aggressors, while providing utmost comfort.
UVA Protection: PA++++: Helps protect skin from UVA rays, including long UVA rays, which reach deep within the skin and accelerate the process of skin ageing.
UVB protection: SPF 50 helps protect skin from UVB rays that trigger redness and damage the skin’s surface.
Anti-oxidant: Helps protect skin from external aggressors such as environmental pollution that weakens the skin’s ability to remain healthy.
Anti-dullness: With red algae extract and vitamin C to brighten skin for a more luminous complexion.”

Claims a lot, right ? I just wanted to mention this product because of the spf 50. It’s really important we protect our skin from the sun as it does it a lot of damage and ages us. This is a really lightweight formula and it’s perfect because it means you can use it under your normal moisturiser and it doesn’t feel heavy like a normal sunscreen does.

Thanks for reading. I hope it helped you out !


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