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Hair Care in the winter is important, the weather can dry out your hair, make it frizzy and just unmanageable.

If any of you know me well, you already know that I am religious when it comes to taking care of my hair.  I have 5 key products that my hair thanks me for. Every product I use is affordable and is available at main drug stores. My hair gets so dry in the colder months, so moisture is essential to keep it looking glossy and healthy.

I have been on a journey with my hair, which you can read all about here on my blog.

No Heat Challenge – Hair Journey.


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The most important step in keeping your hair perfect over the winter is heat protection. I tend to style my hair using heat a lot more in winter as its cold and I can’t just run out the house with wet hair. So my hair dryer is used a lot more than in the summer! I use L’Oréal Studio Pro Sleek It Ultra Smoothing Cream. This is one of the best heat protectors I’ve tried. 230*C heat protection and it creates smooth hair which is a great base to start your styling!

With out fail, you need to do a hair mask once a week! This is a must to keep your hair soft, silky, manageable and looking shiny. I use The Body Shop Coconut Oil  for this, I apply it all over my hair, from root to tip and leave it over night. This ensures my hair is getting the moisture it needs. This does not leave my  hair greasy after I wash it out with shampoo, which is something a lot of people ask me. The ends of my hair look and feel instantly hydrated. I absolutely swear by coconut oil, I think it’s the best beauty product out there, highly recommend getting some if you don’t already! You may also enjoy reading my post on coconut oil.

Coconut oil. The number one beauty product❤️

Percy & Reed Wonder Balm. This stuff is awesome, it preps and primes hair and makes it so manageable that you can use it  for any style, curling, straightening or up do’s. You can apply all over damp hair to prep for styling, or apply to already styled hair to add definition. I love using this when I curl my hair as it gives the perfect finish for a glossy curl. This is so lightweight, it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky in the hair. It also has a really fresh smell, which I love, it lingers in the hair all day!

John Freda Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery. This product is perfect for cold weather as it’s designed to repair dry, heat damaged and frizzy hair. I do use this all year round, but I have reached for it more and more recently.  This can be used on dry or damp hair, avoiding the roots. The amount you use depends on hair length and thickness. I use this after my heat protector on damp hair, I find when using this my split ends are less noticeable. I also use it on day 2 hair, just applying at the ends just to eliminate frizz!

OGX Kukui Oil. This is an anti-frizz and hydrating oil. I love this because it’s in a spray bottle, it make it so much easier to use and its convenient. This oil is great for adding shine, creating a smooth texture and repel humidity. I use this every day, just a few sprays all over and I’m good to go. If I forget to use it, my hair lacks that extra shine. It’s another one that especially good to hydrate your curls. It can also be used to damp or dry hair!

What hair products do you love using?  Be sure to wash your hair thoroughly to avoid product build up, which have suffered from in the past! Does anyone have any tips on keeping hair healthy?






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