image This look takes me a maximum of 15 minutes, it’s so quick, and it’s so easy to achieve. This is my favourite way to wear my hair, I just love the way it looks.

You can do this on freshly washed hair or day after hair, either will work! This look is so good for a day out with your friends or even date night, because it takes no time at all and you can’t go wrong!

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Make sure your hair is completely dry
  2. Brush your hair so there are no knots!
  3. Apply heat protection all over your hair to protect from any damage
  4. I use GHD straighteners for this look, but any thin barrel straighteners will be fine.
  5. I don’t clip my hair into sections, that’s too fussy for me, I like these waves to be uneven and effortless
  6. I start with the front side sections of my hair and work my way around head until I get to the other side.
  7. I take uneven sections and start the curl at ear level.
  8. Turn the straighteners slightly, away from your face and just glide them down with a light grip. If you take the curl going towards your face they can sometimes look unnatural which isn’t what we want for this look.
  9. Once you have done this with all of your hair, we are nearly finished. Now take your brush through your hair to loosen the curls, this is what creates the effortless part.
  10. Take a tiny amount of argon oil into the palm of your hands and apply to your hair from the ear down, avoiding the roots.
  11. Spritz your hair with a light layer of hair spray and you’re good to go!


The products I use:

Loreal studio/pro SLEEK IT – ultra smoothing cream – 230*c heat protection

Mark Hill Moroccan – argon oil

Loreal LOCK IT – fixing hair spray

It’s easy, isn’t it? Enjoy your gorgeous waves!!



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