We all want our tan to last as long as possible, but unfortunately it fades pretty quick. You get back home, there’s no sun, you’re back to work spending most of your day inside. Well, that’s what its like for me!

The beautiful colour from my face disappeared the quickest, so now I have a white face but my body still has some colour. I have been using the following products to bring back my glow.

img_4368The Body Shop ‘drops of sun’ and Honey Bronze – face gel. First I prime my skin as usual, then apply the face gel all over my face with my fingers, it really does give the skin a subtle glow adding some colour. The gel is really thin so it’s not heavy once applied. Now apply your foundation, and then its time for the drops of sun! This has a dropper applicator, so all I do is dot it on my face where I want to apply it. I put it on my cheek bones, forehead, nose and chin. Take a damp beauty blender to blend it into the skin. There you have it, beautifully sun-kissed skin! img_4369


Both of these products work really well on skin that is primed and moisturised, foundation is not necessary unless you need the coverage. You can also mix them into your moisturiser, instead of applying them separately, what ever works for you. It suggests on the body shop website you can mix them into foundation but I wouldn’t recommend this as I found it changed the consistency.

I have used them separately as well, they both create a subtle glow and give a sun-kissed finish. Using them together just gives a stronger look. They are shimmer free, so they give a natural finish.

You can buy them here;

Keep Glowing 🙂





4 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Holiday Glow.”

  1. I think I will definitely be investing in this, it is the worst thing ever to come back from holiday and slowly watch your glow disappear! I am so glad I stumbled across your blog, it is so lovely.. keep up your amazing work! x

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