How Clean Are Your Make Up Brushes?

When it comes to keeping our make up brushes clean, we are all to blame for leaving them to get absolutely filthy.  Most of us wash them once a week, or every few days and some of us haven’t washed them for months. I was dipping into my friends make up bag and I found the dirtiest beauty blender I’d ever seen – I was in shock. I had to wash it for her!

We all need to realise how important it is to keep them clean!

Our skin is delicate, we don’t want to add dirt, old make up, and just pure nastiness to it by using unwashed brushes, dirty brushes cause unwanted breakouts, which we don’t want. Clean brushes equal clean skin!

With proper care for our brushes, they will last longer and the hairs will stay soft. A good set of brushes do not come cheap so taking care of them need to be at the top of your list.

Also they won’t stain, none of us like an orange brush.

Clean brushes apply your make up better!!

How I wash my brushes;

I use any shampoo lying around in my bathroom, I don’t personally find it necessary to buy an expensive brush cleaner. Run you brush under luke warm water, apply shampoo directly to the brush and swirl around the palm of your hand until a lather forms.  I will do this for around a minute and then rinse, I repeat this until the water runs clear.

To dry the brushes, I take a piece of kitchen paper or a clean towel and gently press the remaining water out so they are not dripping. I then lay them flat on kitchen paper by a window and leave them overnight to dry. By morning they are dry, soft and clean.

If your brushes have been seriously unloved, and need to be shaken back to life. Have no fear, don’t panic I found a way to lift all the dirt completely. If you read my blog regularly you will know I’m a fan of coconut oil. So a while back when I was one of those people who neglected my brushes, I decided I needed to change. I washed them with shampoo and it just wasn’t enough. So I had a thought, coconut oil has saved me many times with other beauty related issues, so I scooped some into a bowl and started swirling my brushes in it, and the amount of make up I saw coming out was crazy. I took them out and I could actually see white brush bristles. woo! The only problem I found was that it took a while to wash out the oil but it was worth it. The brushes looked as good as new!

I recommend washing your brushes after every use, if that’s not do-able at least 3 times a week!

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