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I have started going to the gym regularly, which I never thought I would ever be saying and I actually enjoy it too. It’s a great place to let out stress and keep you active. There is only one thing that isn’t enjoying it, and that’s my skin. I have got spot after spot, all on one side of my face – my chin and cheek. At first, I was confused why I was getting so many spots, I thought of all the reasons it could be. Any new products breaking me out? My diet? I narrowed it down, and it all began when I started exercising and sweating a lot!

So, going to the gym with no make up is daunting when you have massive zits on your face, it makes you really self-conscious, I rarely go out with no make up, so this was a big step for me. I decided it wasn’t going to stop me training, I would just have to find ways to prevent the break outs.

First of all I had to research why exercising can cause acne.

  1. Sweat
  2. Gym wear that’s too tight
  3. Dirty gym equipment
  4. Wearing make up

These four factors, are what I have concentrated on to battle the breakouts. Sweat can clog up your pores, and left for too long on the skin can cause acne, especially if you have oily skin! I now make sure I take a towel, and face cleansing wipes with me. When I am getting extremely sweaty, I take my towel and dab my face dry, try not to wipe as this can be too harsh on your face. I will also take a face wipe and clean my face at least 30 minutes into my training so the sweat isn’t sitting on my skin for too long.  My sessions are around 1 hour 15 minutes so I use two face wipes.

If you are getting neck and back acne, I suggest wearing a looser top, I find wearing one too tight doesn’t let your skin breathe which eventually causes a break out. I prefer to wear a loose vest, this works for me.

Just think how dirty gym equipment can be? Make use of the anti-bacterial sprays and tissues that all gyms should offer to clean the equipment before and after use. This will prevent dirt from spreading from your hands, to your face and the rest of your body. Try not to touch your face whilst working out. I won’t use my towel to wipe down equipment after I’ve used it as I use it on my face, try to use what the gym provide.

Last but not least, do not wear make up when you’re working out. Your skin needs to be free, and have nothing on it that’s going to cause pore clogging. I also suggest no moisturiser pre- work out, or opt for an oil free one. Cleanse your skin before and after the exercise. I take a cleanser in my bag and cleanse my skin before leaving. I found this really helped calm everything down, as my skin was kept fresh.

We carry on sweating for a while after a work out, so I like to use acne fighting products post work out. I will use The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil all over my skin. Tea Tree is known to have properties that can help unclog pores. I only use this once a day as it can dry out the skin if over used.

tee tree oil

Once or twice a week I will do a raw honey and coconut oil mask for my face. Honey has strong antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties making it ideal for acne-prone skin! Coconut oil is great for softening and moisturising the skin, I find the two ingredients work amazingly well together. Make sure the honey is raw, as some can have added ingredients that take away the goodness. I use Forever Bee Honey. All I do is scoop a tablespoon of each into a bowl, mix together and apply to my face using my fingers. I will keep the mask on for around 20-30 minutes.

forever bee honey

coconut oil


I have still had spots appear, but they are extremely less angry and red. They tend to disappear much quicker since following all the above. My skin is also a lot brighter.

Does anyone have any tips to share?

Thanks for reading!










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  1. Sue you have changed my life! This is amazing! Skin has cleared up so much since I’ve been doing this!

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