It could be a real or an imaginary flaw, people who have hang-ups have a distorted image of themselves. I’m guessing it’s physical, physiological or a social hang-up that we suffer from.

I want to talk about physical hang-ups. I’m in no way an expert so everything I say is my opinion.

Have you ever thought anything negative about your appearance that no one else see’s?

‘My nose is to big’

‘I’m so fat’

‘Men won’t find me attractive because my boobs are too small’

We have so much pressure to look good, so it’s no surprise we have these kinds of insecurities. At the same time, it’s perfectly normal to have hang-ups, we are only human! We are built with emotions, it’s the way we deal with them is what really matters.

Some people will hide their flaws, others will try to distract you to look else where. There is always another person who see’s you and thinks your imperfections are perfect. So why not accept them? Why shouldn’t you think that too? We scroll through Instagram everyday, seeing endless beach bodies. Have you ever stopped to think, these people aren’t real? They have been photo shopped to look a certain way? Air brushed? Try and separate reality and edits.

Do you try to look perfect for yourself, or for everyone else? If the answer is yourself, then I’m super happy. If not, girl you’ve got to stop that. The only person who you should be trying to impress, is you. Confidence is the most important thing, if you feel FABULOUS, then your going to come across fabulous. Learning to love yourself is the key. Start to think about turning those hang-ups into the things you love most about yourself. Every time you look in the mirror, say something positive about your body. Wear something that shows your hang-ups off. Learn to feel comfortable with who you are. You only have one body, so I’d prefer to love it, than hate it, wouldn’t you?

Things don’t change or happen overnight. Changing your mind-set, takes time. If you feel you need support, go and see a specialist who can help and guide you. Instead of walking to work thinking, ‘Everyone is looking at me, because my feet are so big. ‘Why not think,- ‘Everyone is looking at me, because my shoes are awesome’.

Getting a compliment off someone can make your day, it can make you feel amazing. But in my opinion, giving yourself compliments is the best motivator to continue to build confidence and change your mind-set. Set yourself a goal, be positive, embrace who you are and make a change. What’s stopping you?






2 thoughts on “How To Battle Body Hang-Up’s”

  1. Here here! If we could all start to be a bit nicer to ourselves when looking in the mirror, we would be more inclined to be nicer to everyone else. Great Post Sue xxx

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