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source link Who else is excited as me for these lipsticks? They are so cool and such an awesome idea. I purchased all the shades apart from the Rose Gold, it was a bit to pink for me. Boots are currently offering 3for2 offer so lucky me!!

indicatori mt4 opzioni binarie The lipsticks are very comfortable to wear, they are enriched with vitamin e and omega-3 oils. So they are really moisturising for the lips and are non drying. The Pure Gold shade is my favourite as it really makes lips pop and gives a beautiful metallic look, you can wear it alone for a striking gold look or layer it over the top of the other shades to give them oomph. There are 5 shades available. Nude Gold, Rose Gold, Rouge Gold, Plum Gold and Pure Gold. L’Oréal say –  ‘They are wrapped in 24-Carat Gold pigments for a statement metallic look’. Sounds so glamorous doesn’t it? They don’t last as long on the lips as matte lipsticks do, but I don’t mind having to top up during the day as they look so beautiful. All the shades are easy to wear, I was surprised the red suited me as I normally find red so hard to pull off. I will wear all these colours with confidence, you should do the same if you are going to buy these. I love how many looks you can create, ombre effect, full metallic golden goddess, a natural flush of colour with just a pop of gold or bold plum juicy lips. Its great, I could talk about these all day. They leave lips with a glossy sheen. Rouge Gold is perfect for the festive season, I can see myself wearing this to Christmas parties. Nude Gold is perfect for every day with a natural make up look. Plum Gold will be my choice for the evenings when I’m creating a stronger look. img_4690

opcje binarne a polskie prawo What is your favourite shade?

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