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Mac Skin Finish 'Double Gleam'

double gleam

I have tried to get hold of this highlighter from Mac for so long now, every time I visit my local store it's always been sold out. I finally have my hands on it, and I'm not disappointed. I always blog about products that I love, as I always like to read positive reviews.

This retails for £25 but as I'm lucky enough to get it tax-free at the airport so I picked it up for £20.83.  Yes, Mac is quite expensive but 9/10 I always think its worth the money.

I purchased the shade 'double gleam' as I felt this champagne tone was better suited for my skin, but there is cooler and warmer shades as well. I couldn't wait to get home and try this, I just knew I was going to be obsessed with it.

double gleam

It's a powder highlight but it's so smooth, creamy and blend-able it looks like a liquid formula once applied to the skin, so the finish is very luminous. I applied this on my cheek bones, down my nose, under the eye brows and cupids bow – all the usual places. I used a fan brush to apply it, but added a little more on my cheekbones with a fluffy eye shadow brush to add an extra pop! I felt like it instantly lifted my skin and made me look bright – bye-bye dull skin. It's safe to say, this is my new favourite Mac product. It lasted on my skin over 10 hours, it only faded slightly but the glow was still there.

double gleamThis is how it looks on my skin, I'm so impressed. What do you think?i

If you are looking for a powder highlight, that glows, brightens, blends, pops, and looks great in photos then I would strongly recommend trying out one from the skin finish collection!

Does anyone else absolutely adore this product?

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!









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