imageI got this for my birthday and wanted to tell you all about it. As you all know I am a big fan of Mac and this lived up to my expectations.

It is a silky powder that sets make up and reduces shine. It does not add colour or leave a white mask over your face.  I use my real techniques contour brush to set concealer under my eyes, put some powder on the brush then tap the excess off back into the powder pot as you don’t need a lot of this. To set my foundation T-zone (my oily areas) I use my real techniques duo fibre face brush. Pat and push the powder into skin, don’t swirl or swipe it over the skin as this can cause your foundation to come off, or cake. It does a fantastic job of keeping shine away, I never have to top up during the day when I use this. It feels really light on the skin. You can also use this on bare skin after moisturising if you don’t wear a lot of make up. My favourite thing about this product is that it doesn’t dry out skin, like some powders can.

This powder is also great for ‘baking’ the skin. If you want me to a separate post on how to ‘Bake’, let me know!

You might think I’m crazy but I was on holiday last week, I forgot to pack dry shampoo! So I had an idea, why don’t I try using my loose powder to soak up the grease in my hair?! So, that’s exactly what I did. I applied this powder with my duo fibre face brush to the roots of my hair and then rubbed in with my fingers. This worked just as good as dry shampoo, and it didn’t leave my roots looking white. Problem solved!


  • fragrance free
  • no colour
  • doesn’t leave a white mask
  • any skin tone can use
  • doesn’t cake
  • velvet smooth finish
  • reduces shine


  • a lot of powder comes through the holes in the pot
  • it is messy if you put too much powder on your brush
  • if you drop the pot, you will lose a lot of the product so be careful to always screw the lid back on!

You can buy it here

There are a lot more products from the Prep + Prime range which I cant wait to try!

Are you going to try this?





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