What are your favourite beauty products at the moment? I’ve been using my current favourites every single day for the past month or so. I love them so much, I’m excited to share them with you! There’s nothing better than finding products that you can’t put down!

Favourite beauty products right now

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

maybelline lashe sensational mascara

So, this mascara has been a favourite in the beauty world for a while now, I have seen so many people rave about it. I didn’t rush out and get it straight away because I was really happy with the mascara I was using, so I waited until I needed a new one. I have to say, everyone is right to rave about this. It doesn’t clump, at all, even after 3 coats. It applies so smoothly, adds volume, length and separates lashes so frigging well. My eye lashes also don’t drop during the day with this mascara so it holds a curl seriously well too, it’s amazing!! There’s also no sign of panda eyes after a long day at work, which I seem to get with other mascara’s I’ve used.

This is the mascara applied, using 2 coats and no eye lash curlers. The results speak for themselves.

Maybeline lash sensational mascara

MAC Face and Body Foundation 

Mac face and body foundation

I have always wanted to try this foundation but I was sceptical of it as it has so many mixed reviews. Saying that, I liked the idea that it was sheer and light coverage. I’m trying really hard to improve my skin, so I wanted to try a foundation that wasn’t heavy so my skin could breathe. I can’t believe I didn’t buy this sooner, I haven’t stopped wearing it.

The finish is beautiful, it still looks like skin but better with a natural glow. This foundation does not cover spots or marks but that’s what concealer is for, right? I apply this with a dense brush as it seems work it into the skin better than a beauty blender does, which I found unusual. It also applies really nicely with fingers! It does go quite dewy during the day so I set this with a powder, especially on my t-zone.

As you can see it’s a really natural finish, I just love it.

face and body foundation

PS…Pro Brush 

Ps pro brush

This is becoming my new favourite brush ever. I picked this up in Primark for about £2! I didn’t have high expectations for it because of the price but I was so impressed. This is great for applying foundation and concealer but mostly for blending out my contour. It just works, it blends make up perfectly and it’s so soft! I’m so excited about this. Best £2 I’ve ever spent!

Beauty Blender 

Beauty blender

I finally got myself an original beauty blender. Yes, it is better than other sponges I’ve tried. I find make up washes out of it better and it seems lighter and more squishy, which makes it even easier to apply make up with it. It bounces off the skin really well. Although, It hasn’t made me not want to use my other  make up sponges.

Olay Total Effects 7 in one Eye Transforming Cream 

Olay eye cream

I bought this because my eyes where feeling, dry, dull and tired. Probably down to the weather change, and getting up at 2am for work! This eye cream is so thin, and light which I love, you can barely feel it on the skin and it’s not at all heavy or sticky. It absorbs in seconds so you can apply make up easily afterwards without having to worry about it going cakey! I have been applying this in the morning and night for the past 3 weeks. My eyes feel more hydrated, which is what I wanted.  It does claims to reduce dark circles, I must admit they have improoved but they are still quite visible although it has only been 3 weeks.


What products are you all loving?

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