img_4356My hair and I have been through a lot, we have had our ups and downs, we have broken up and got back together more times than I can remember. I decided I wanted to grow my hair as long as possible, I knew this wouldn’t be easy and it wouldn’t happen overnight.

img_4357I  went on You Tube for tips and tricks ‘how to grow long hair’. After watching countless videos of girls with glossy long locks, I became more focused than ever! If they can do it, so can I.

My hair was in a terrible state ; heat damage, split ends, frizzy and frazzled. I would curl or straighten my hair every day and blow dry after every wash. I was seriously ruining my hair. No wonder it wasn’t growing.


I am now so much happier with my hair, its shinier, silkier and its growing. How did I make it happen?

  1. Stop using heat – ok, so this was so so difficult. How was I supposed to let my hair dry naturally? It would be frizzy and a mess, surely? Yes, it was. The first month of this challenge was the toughest, I hated my hair, it looked dry and unhealthy, normally curling it would disguise this and give the illusion of healthy hair. But after the first month, it got easier and I noticed my hair started to look healthy.  I became reliant on products instead of heat, which has done my hair wonders.

How I made the no heat challenge easier;

I found some no heat styles that made it a lot easier for me to not reach for my GHD’S.

  • After washing and conditioning your hair – give it a good brush through so you don’t any have knots or tangles, (make sure your hair isn’t soaking wet, as brushing dripping wet hair can cause damage), apply some argon oil in your palms and run through the ends of your hair. This will reduce frizz and add moisture. Then scrunch your hair with your hands until it looks tousled. Let your hair air dry, spray hair spray into your hands, and then scrunch into hair.. I found this gave my hair messy beach waves.
  • Day old hair, easier to style than freshly washed, right? So when your hair isn’t freshly washed, there’s an easy way to style it. I would do this before bed and sleep in it. Put your hair up in high pony tail and secure with any hair tie. Take the pony tail and twist it all the way so it’s all one big twist, then take the twist around the hair tie to form a bun, secure that with another hair tie. Sleep. When you wake up, take it out, run fingers through hair, shake it and you will have loose waves that look like it’s how your hair naturally is. Apply some argon oil through the ends and spray some hair spray.  This technique got me through this challenge.
  • Sleep with your hair in plaits. I found a French plait worked best for me, it created cute waves. I used oil in my hair before plaiting it, as otherwise it went a bit frizzy.
  • Wear your hair up, you don’t need heat for a simple pony tail or messy bun.

Hair Masks – make coconut oil your new best friend. Look after your hair. Apply coconut oil all over your hair, at least once a week and sleep in it. This improved the quality of my hair. It became more manageable, shinier and softer.

Stop touching your hair. The more you touch, pull, even brush your hair, the more breakage you will get.

Towel dry your hair the right way – do not rub your hair dry with a towel, because you will just create more frizz.  Gently squeeze the hair from root to tip, don’t squeeze too hard.

Use products for your hair type – invest in products for your hair. Don’t make the mistake of buying the wrong products as your hair wont thank you for it.

Let your hair go greasy – your hair needs its natural oils to stay healthy. I find this the hardest step because I love nothing more than the feeling of washed hair. I’m still working on this! I won’t give up.

I have now been doing this challenge for 3 months, and I would never go back to using heat everyday. I will now only curl my hair for special occasions, never forgetting to use heat protection!

If you have any questions, let me know 🙂






5 thoughts on “No Heat Challenge – Hair Journey.”

  1. I really love the fact that you’ve shown that the no heat challenge is actually do able!! I feel like I want to do it because of how good your hair looks now! How long did it take for you to feel fulfilled with your hair ?

  2. Glad you are loving your No Heat Challenge! (It’s a secret that we curly haired girls have been using for a while!)

    Something that you might like: Air Dry Cream! There’s a couple out there. I really like the Fave4 one and the bumble and bumble. one.

    Can’t wait to see more updates on your length as you continue!!


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