Loreal have some of the best drug store mascaras in my opinion, I always seen to go back there to try a different one every time. They are consistently launching new mascaras and they rarely disappoint me.

So, million lashes ‘fatale’ – one of the many versions in their million lash collection. What made me buy this? Well it was 3for2 in boots and they had displayed this in the section that screams ‘I’m new’, which always makes me pick up the product up and buy it. Yes, I’m one those customers!

This mascaras claims; ‘Our Multi-Layer Millionizer brush loads each lash with an overdose of volume. The Luscious Black build-able formula with intense pigments volumises and thickens the look of your lashes for the ultimate femme fatale look’





This is just one coat and it’s safe to say, I’m so impressed with the result. It went on the lashes smoothly, no clumping , no eye lashes sticking together. It’s given me a lot of volume and pretty good length. Which is exactly what I look for in a mascara!

The wand is really plastic and the bristles are quite separated, I prefer wands like this to the really fluffy ones. They seem to grip onto the lashes much better.

The packaging of this really is luxurious, the colours are gorgeous together and the shine just gives it that added omph.

This lasted well on my lashes, it doesn’t weigh them down which is the most amazing benefit ever as normally my lashes won’t hold any curl at all. I got the smallest transfer of mascara under my left eye, this was the only negative in my opinion.

imageHow I apply my Mascara 

  • Comb through your eyes lashes with any lash comb you have to make sure they are all separated as much as possible.
  • Apply the mascara from root to tip. I drag it up the lashes and roll the wand towards to tip , this helps to curl your lashes. I don’t use eye lashes curlers and they can weaken your lashes. No thank you!!
  • Start from the middle of your eyelashes and work the wand towards the corner to really coat every single lash.
  • I normally do the inner corner of my eye last as this is the part I find fiddly and end up getting mascara on my eye lid. So do this part of the eye carefully.
  • Then for the bottom lashes, I wriggle the wand down over the lashes.
  • A lot of people wriggle the wand up the lashes on their top lashes, I find this makes my lashes clump together and I prefer the technique I use but it is recommended to use the wriggle. So give this a try as well and see what works for you.
  • If you have any clumps, your eye lash comb can sort this out.

Let me know if you try it and what you think!



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