imageSo,Tanya Burr. Don’t you just love her? She is successful and has taken the blogging world to the next level. I have been watching her on YouTube and reading her blog, and I have to say, she’s very inspiring and is absolutely gorgeous.

So lets talk about her cosmetic range, its available from Superdrug which is so convenient. I recently purchased a few of her products, they are so affordable and I was really excited to try them out.

The products I purchased;

Matte lip – rhubarb and custard. The colour is stunning, I would describe it as a bright pink, its very creamy and a little goes a long way. I do find it need to pat my lips with my fingers so it’s not so intense, but it looks great either way. The lasting power was pretty damn good, 4 hours with no touch ups!! I found it worked better if I used a lip balm underneath as this type of lipstick can be drying.

Lip gloss – “Day Dream.” I wasn’t too impressed with this colour, it was very pale once put on my lips which I didn’t expect. It works really well over a lip liner for a subtle look.image

Lip gloss – “Lunch Date.” This I actually really like, the colour comes out a really cool toned pink and makes a lips feel really moisturised. I like this for an everyday look when i don’t want a strong lip. Everyone needs a colour like this, it goes with so many make up looks.

“Peachy Glow” peach palette. I have used this day in day out since i purchased it. The bronzer is perfect for light to medium skin tones and the fact it’s not an orange undertone is just fantastic. The blush is such pretty peach and really brings life to the face . The highlighter is by far my favourite in this palette, wow Tanya has really won me over on this one! It catches the light so well, and the tone is so easy to work with.image

image“Perfect Brows.” This is really good for the price, it comes with 4 powders and even a brush and tweezers! Its great for girls who travel as its got all you need in one palette. As my hair so dark, I only use the darker shades, they work well, you don’t need to use a lot of the powder they are really pigmented. The lighter shades, I have been using it to even out my eye lids, they give subtle finish and work really well for ‘no make up look’. I do use my real techniques slanted brush to apply this to my eye brows but the little brush she provides is nice addition to have when you’re on the go.

“Hollywood Eye” palette. I am a lover of brown nude eye shadows, so its safe to say I adore this palette. I use it for my every day look, the pigmentation of these are good and they blend together with no problems. The lightest shade ‘nude delight’ also works perfectly to highlight the brow bone.image

I would definitely recommend Tanya Burrs collection, I am still to try out her nail varnish selection but I will be purchasing a couple of colours in the future.




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