2016 has been a crazy year, some downs, but many ups. I had a tough year in 2015 and I went through some things I never imagined would happen to me, so in comparison 2016 has been full of happiness. My boyfriend and I had a beautiful holiday to Sardinia, my brother turned 30, I’ve made an amazing new friend, I had an awesome city break to Budapest, and I got spoilt rotten at Christmas.

So, what did I learn from 2016?

It’s okay to put yourself first..

I have always been that person who suffers to make others happy, or to keep peace. This year I have learnt that, saying no is okay and putting yourself first isn’t selfish. I will continue to make choices based on what I want, and stop making decisions that make things harder for me but easier for others, of course this is depending on the situation. Never stop working on yourself and your happiness, it is your life!

Don’t take things people say personally..

Recently I have become more confident with the job I have. In the past, it’s always felt like people don’t take us retail workers seriously, and I took everything personally. We often hear ‘Oh, don’t waste your life working in a shop’ ‘She only stands at the till all day repeating ‘can I help’. Yes, customers pay my wages and they are the most important part of this job, but they can often treat you like a no body.  We get fingers clicked at us, we get ‘oi get me this’ and we can be spoken to extremely rudely and expected to smile and be polite back. However, we can have customers who are an absolute delight and are a joy to have. In 2016 I have come to realise that what I do, I’m good at and it is a career, no matter what other people think. So my point is, I’ve learned not to give two craps about negative,  toxic people.  

We all seem to set ourselves goals when a new year starts, but many of us give up before we have even started! I want to smash my goals this year and keep motivated. Some goals we set can be daunting and others come easier.

My goals for 2017

Blog more. I started my blog in august 2016. It is something that means a lot to me, and I want to focus more on it and have a more structured, organised approach. I also want to build enough confidence to start my YouTube channel. Any tips, would be amazing.

Learn to drive. This is something that has haunted me for years but I’ve finally plucked up the courage to learn this year. Wish me luck.

Eat healthier. With the shift work that I do, my diet is unbalanced and not particularly healthy. I want to make sure I’m making time to plan my meals and not just go for the quickest, easiest choice. Also, my boyfriend and I are both guilty of chucking something in the oven, so I want us to try to actually cook more using fresh foods.

Try something new. I am going to join my step mums business and become apart of selling Aloe Vera products. This is something that will build my confidence up, as I will be meeting and talking to new people. It’s also something completely different from anything I’ve ever done.

Happy new year! What goals have you set yourself?

8 thoughts on “What I learnt from 2016 and Goals for 2017..!”

  1. Happy new year suebo❤️ Wish your 2017 is just as good as your 2016! I’m glad to be your new amazing friend you have my company for ever and ever.
    Your on and only Parisian xo

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