The blogging world is seriously big, so why did I want to be apart of it? I have been a huge fan of beauty blogs and vlogs for such a long time. It’s helped my confidence immensely as the bloggers I follow are real people who share real experiences, who are relatable and always come across like they are just the same as you. They create looks that everyone can follow, they take their time to help you and listen to feedback from their readers/watchers.

So if they can make me feel good about myself, why can’t I try to do that for other people? It’s such an amazing thing to be apart of. If I can inspire just one person, to feel happy in their own skin, to feel able to wear make up with confidence, to try new products that they wouldn’t have normally, to use one of my tips/tricks and find its helped them, you get the idea? I would be achieving what I set out to do..

I also starting blogging, because I have serious passion for everything beauty. If you ask my friends they will tell you that it’s all I talk about. I love getting ready in my room, applying make up, experimenting with looks, doing my hair, it’s just something I really enjoy. So why not share that with other people who love it too! I think its great we all help each other out, we go to each other for advice. Not sure how to contour? There will be beauty bloggers out there with in-depth tutorials that will help you master it, and I think that’s great.

It’s also a way of expressing yourself. Everyone in the world is different and we should be celebrating that. I try to follow bloggers with lots of different backgrounds.

I find it’s an escape from work and everyday normal life. Whilst sitting at your laptop, you have something to focus on, you’re excited to talk to your readers, you haven’t got the woes of life lingering in your head. It’s almost like stress relief, such as some people go to gym, swim, paint, clean, read a book ….we blog. I feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Why did I name my blog, byob-beauty. Be Yourself Only Better. I wanted to get across that make up is a way of expression, it can make the best of your features and its a bit of fun. Beauty and make up can bring out the fun, creative side of a person, not change who you are. I don’t want make up to be seen as something that people hide behind, that covers up who they are. I use make up, I do my hair, I try new products, not to be a different version of myself but a better version, a version that makes me happy, a version I want to see, and that I want others to see.

I will never forget the reasons I started, and I hope other bloggers don’t either. For me, it’s not about becoming famous, or making loads of money, but at the same time, there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone has their own reasons for doing things. I will never let haters get me down, because they don’t matter. I will never let low stats take over. Thank you to my regular readers, who keep coming back, you know who you are, it means a lot and makes everything even more worth while. I’d rather that, then have 10,000 views a day, but have no one who comes back!

Why did you start blogging? I’d love to hear your story. If you are thinking about starting blogging, don’t let anything stop you!







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