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It’s great to see large retailers launching make up ranges, including Primark, H&M, New Look and Topshop.  We do tend to shy away from buying make up in these shops because its unfamiliar to us. We just assume it will not be any good. I’ve used make up from Topshop in the past, some good and others not. I’ve purchased beauty tools from Primark but I’ve never been brave enough to try anything from the make up collection.

Why did I decide to try New Look make up? I felt the packaging was really sleek and the prices are affordable but not so cheap you would think twice about putting it on your face. They also have a wide choice of beauty products, shampoo and conditioners. body lotions, fragrances, make up tools – I spent ages looking at everything.

I purchased 3 products, a primer, a highlighter and a powder contour kit. It was 3 for 2 offer so all 3 for £15.  I was in 2 minds about a foundation but the colour choices were not great, they had either really pink undertones or beige.

illuminating primer

Illuminating Primer. At the moment my skin is so dry, no thanks to the cold weather so I opted for an illuminating primer. If you didn’t want an all over glow this can be used as a liquid highlighter, on areas of your face you wanted to pop! I really like it for both! Be careful when you take the lid off as the product comes out very quickly and you might get more than you wanted. I like the way this applies, it spreads across my skin smoothly and gives a beautiful natural glow, almost like your skin is just like that. It’s not oily or wet which I like, you can’t feel it on the skin at all. This is my favourite out of the 3 products.

new look highlighter

Glow Baked Highlighter Powder. I absolutely loved the rose golden tone to this, it’s so pretty! You get a lot of product so this is going to last forever! When I tried in the shop on my hand it was really glowing but not glittery – which I like. When applied to my face, using a fan brush, I felt it was slightly hard to blend and didn’t look as ‘finished’ as some of my other highlights.  I tried a different application with a fluffy eye shadow brush and then buffed in into the skin with a beauty blender. I preferred this way, it glided on the skin better, and the colour blended evenly! I will continue to use this as I love the colour, it can double up great as an eyeshadow!

Contour Powder Shading Kit. I really like small kits like this, as they are convenient and are great for having in your bag for touch ups if your going out straight after work! Its got a contour shade for hollows of your cheeks, hairline and jaw line. I found applying this with a small angled brush and blended with a beauty blender got the best results, it’s not a strong pigment so this needs to be built up to make an intense contour. I don’t usually do strong contour so I liked the soft finish, it works really well for an everyday look. The next shade is a bronzer to warm up the complexion, it’s a very light bronzer so it works for me as I have pale skin, I wouldn’t suggest this for darker skin tones.  I applied the bronzer on the sockets of my eyes and I liked the natural lifted finish. The last shade is a highlight. This actually reminds me more of a setting powder, I won’t use this shade much as I don’t feel it does much. Over all, I like it but I have used better.

I will continue to shop in New Look for make up as I will use these products. They are not amazing, I wouldn’t tell my friends to rush out to buy them but they are just as good as some drugstore brands.

Has anyone tried any products from New Look that they loved or hated?










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